Nima, a suburb of Accra and is a cosmopolitan, multi ethnic, multi religious and multi-cultural society where you can find almost every ECOWAS state members. Geographically, It borders prime areas and institutions like Roman Ridge, Cantonments, Ring Road Central, Tesano, The 37 Military Hospital, Flagstaff House, GBC, TV3, Starr FM, etc, just to mention a few. It’s a business center with an ECOWAS Market popularly known as Mahmudu Market. Banks are fighting for spaces to open branches on the popular Nima Highway Street. Large number of migrant workers from rural Ghana and neighboring countries find their ways into Nima and make it their home. Nima is a prime example where people from different tribes and nationalities can actually co-exist in peace. Unofficially, Nima is referred as the capital town of Accra and the headquarters of Zongos in Ghana. 

Nima is a brand on itself, Each One Teach One Initiative, Quantum Communications and Hayaat Studio deems it expedient and appropriate to re-echo the performances of the organizations and individual within the said area.

This award, therefore, is to recognize and celebrate the most outstanding personalities and organizations with exemplary achievements. It is also to motivate the future generation in the community that they can reach higher regardless of their location or situation. NEA is designed to celebrate people who have excel in their chosen careers  and still represent the brand Nima and beyond who have brought fortune and shine to the area. The organizers believe the aforementioned towns are direct offspring of Nima hence it inclusion in the event.

The awards cut across all sectors: From Academia, Business, Politics, Sports, Media, Arts and Entertainments, Religion and Tradition to Social Work. These communities continue to contribute its quota to Ghana and the world at large. Over the years there are personalities who have excel and still doing excellent in their chosen career hence the formation of Nima Excellence Award (NEA).

Recognizing and Celebrating Achievements
Recognizing and rewarding significant contributions of individuals, institutions and corporate organizations have been a global trend and NEA is no exception.

Each One Teach one Initiative (E1T1) and its partners are introducing this community based award scheme to strengthen communal development.

NIMA EXCELLENCE AWARDS – NEA, this award seeks to achieve the following:•Recognize and celebrate contribution to community and national development.•Inspire and motivate younger generation to emulate such contributions for community and national growth.

•Encourage actors in all fields of endeavor to do more in support of advancing community and national development.

•Raise national awareness on contributions of persons and corporate organizations who has made the community what it is now.

•Promote and deepen community and national integration and cohesion among people of different faiths.

Award Categories
The awards are non-voting and nominees are carefully selected by Award Board in consultation with Event team in celebrating personalities and organizations for outstanding contribution to the area. The categories are open to either male or female personalities regardless of religious affiliation.

Award Board
Board members of eminent persons within the Ayawaso North and East Municipal assembly, community leaders shall constitute the Board that will scrutinize all nominees and ensure that Award objectives are met. This Board includes a representative of the Event Team who oversee the NEA.

Event Organizers
The NEA is an initiative of Each One Teach one Initiative (E1T1) co-owned by Quantum Communications and partnered by Hayaat Studio. E1T1 Initiative is mainly into idea, event, and service conceptualisation for organizations, businesses etc. Quantum Communications is a multimedia, events organizing and management and general printing company that romotes, organizes and supports ingenuity in creativity. Hayaat Studio is…….             

Event Theme: Shaping and Celebrating Zongo's Excellence